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Chess Timer

Product Design, iOS • Side Project

Project Description

Chess Timer is a simple utility iOS app that aims to replace the physical chess clock when playing speed chess. I designed, coded, and launch the app to the App Store.

This project from a design standpoint was interesting because it has to support two different player using it from the opposite perspective. The idea was to have a mirror interface so each player will interact with the app in a similar, consistent way. The challenge is to make sure that the interface is easy to interact with from a precision standpoint. Since chess players should be able to tap on the clock with ease (sometimes not looking), the tap zone needs to be as large as possible especially when the size of the mobile device is already small to begin with.

The solution was to make the display dynamic so that the tap zone will adjust on each turn to ensure that the current play has the maximum tap space to interact with.

This is an example of the image details view where image tags can be managed. Basic functions such as download, share, and delete are available within this view as well.