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Janbala Flight Search

Product Design • Janbala

Project Description

I worked with the Janbala team to redesign the flight search experience. Based on an existing feature set, we refined the user experience of individual components and updated the overall visual styles to match the a new branding.

This is an example of the location search dropdown, which allows travelers to search by airports and cities. It also intelligently display nearby airport groups with the option to search all airports nearby.

Above shows the various states of the calendar component. Calendar shows the travel dates and the start and end date can be set individually. There are also logics around which dates can be selected (e.g. some international travel itinerary cannot be less than 1 day apart)

There are potentially two steps to the search listing page (for roundtrip), one for selecting departure flight and the other for return flight. The UI of the two are almost identical with the exception of the price display. The departure step shows the total roundtrip price so the return flight screen only shows the price difference.

Fare changes all the time, therefore, to ensure accurate results the traveler will be prompted to refresh after a period of idle time.

We designed each component with responsive design in mind to ensure that the site works on any devices.