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Browse Scientific Services

UX, Visual Design • Science Exchange


Science Exchange took on the initiative to build an ontology of scientific services. Given the amount of both experimental and analytical services avilable. We wanted to provide scientists a way to browse through the ontology tree and discover services or techniques that are associated with each experiment type. This is a concept exploration of the browse experience.

The starting page where the top level experiments are listed in the rigth panel.

An example of the next level view when scientists navigate down from the top level. The idea is that the panel will shift towards the left as one navigates down the tree, revealing the next available level as right panel links.

All pages will share the same template as one navigates within the tree.

When landed on the last node of a tree branch, the right panel will be used to highlight the labs offering the current experiment type as service.

An example of the admin view that shows the entry points to edit each experiment type page.