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Marketing pages redesign

Brand, Visual Design • Science Exchange

Project Description

I worked on the refresh of the Science Exchange home page as well as other marketing related pages. As our product offerings grow, we needed a more consistent way to explain all our products and how they benefit each of our target audiences. With the help of an external branding agency, we refined the site information architecture to better introduce Science Exchange as the primier marketplace for scientific research.

We reviewed and defined each of our products against our customers. At the same time we took the opportunity to revisit some of our brand colors and fonts due to the addition of new products. Based on the content, we took a modular approach and defined components that can serve as reusable templates for all the marketing related pages.

From a branding perspective, we explore various imageries styles and landed on a mixture of scientific images and line patterns. The scientific images features a series of miscroscopic level images that serves as the main hero images to set the tone for all the pages. The patterns were used selectively on certain pages to compliment the trust badge module (shown above).

We also experimented with visuals such as applying a slight zoom effect to simulate the microscope interaction to make the overall design feel less static and more lively.